This week in core plans (2018/07/13 - 2018/07/19)


This week in Core Plans:
From: 2018/07/13
Until: 2018/07/19

Plan Version Stable Package Ident Builder Github
postgresql, update 9.6.9 :star: core/postgresql/9.6.9/20180716151728 Link Link
postgresql-client, update 9.6.9 :star: core/postgresql-client/9.6.9/20180716151730 Link Link
postgresql93, update 9.3.23 :star: core/postgresql93/9.3.23/20180716151746 Link Link
postgresql93-client, update 9.3.23 :star: core/postgresql93-client/9.3.23/20180716151808 Link Link
postgresql94, update 9.4.18 :star: core/postgresql94/9.4.18/20180716142320 Link Link
postgresql94-client, update 9.4.18 :star: core/postgresql94-client/9.4.18/20180716132439 Link Link
postgresql95, update 9.5.13 :star: core/postgresql95/9.5.13/20180716152054 Link Link
postgresql95-client, update 9.5.13 :star: core/postgresql95-client/9.5.13/20180716165947 Link Link
postgresql96, new 9.6.9 :star: core/postgresql96/9.6.9/20180716152137 Link Link
postgresql96-client, new 9.6.9 :star: core/postgresql96-client/9.6.9/20180716152204 Link Link
boost, update 1.66.0 core/boost/1.66.0/20180713170927 Link Link
unixodbc, new 2.3.6 :star: core/unixodbc/2.3.6/20180713170107 Link Link
freetds, new 1.00.91 :star: core/freetds/1.00.91/20180713170617 Link Link
mongodb, changes 3.6.4 :star: core/mongodb/3.6.4/20180717024452 Link Link
hugo, update 0.44 :star: core/hugo/0.44/20180713235720 Link Link
gnatsd, changes 0.9.6 :star: core/gnatsd/0.9.6/20180717020509 Link Link
python34, new 3.4.8 :star: core/python34/3.4.8/20180717141436 Link Link
python35, new 3.5.5 :star: core/python35/3.5.5/20180717141547 Link Link
python36, new 3.6.6 :star: core/python36/3.6.6/20180717141550 Link Link
python37, new 3.7.0 :star: core/python37/3.7.0/20180717141544 Link Link
python, update 3.7.0 :star: core/python/3.7.0/20180718152937 Link Link
python2, update 2.7.15 :star: core/python2/2.7.15/20180717141339 Link Link
msodbcsql17, new :star: core/msodbcsql17/ Link Link
scaffolding-chef, changes 0.1.0 :star: core/scaffolding-chef/0.1.0/20180716201541 Link Link
packer, update 1.2.5 :star: core/packer/1.2.5/20180717154649 Link Link
libpng, update 1.6.35 :star: core/libpng/1.6.35/20180717232103 Link Link
gdb, changes 8.1 :star: core/gdb/8.1/20180718153538 Link Link
meson, changes 0.46.1 :star: core/meson/0.46.1/20180718153538 Link Link
rust, update 1.27.1 :star: core/rust/1.27.1/20180719200706 Link Link
jenkins, update 2.121.2 :star: core/jenkins/2.121.2/20180719151854 Link Link
node, update 8.11.3 :star: core/node/8.11.3/20180719043801 Link Link
dgraph, update 1.0.6 :star: core/dgraph/1.0.6/20180719180248 Link Link

Thanks to PR committers, commenters and all contributors!

Note: The table is nice, but not perfect. It neglects the following:

  • Specifics of updates (like in MongoDB, where config changed, but version remained the same)
  • Details like the addition of a new windows plan for all postgres versions


Wow, that’s awesome!

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