Onboarding checklist


Welcome to the Habitat team!


  • Get an invite from a team member to join the habitat-core-maintainers team in the Habitat Github org
  • Update MAINTAINERS.md for habitat, builder and core-plans repos




  • Get added to habitat@chef.io mailing list (all email to humans@habitat.sh goes here as well)

Calendar Events

Once you’ve been added to habitat@chef.io, you should be invited to the following recurring events:

  • Habitat Standup (Daily)
  • Habitat Retro (Fortnightly)

Also, add the Habitat Team Internal and Habitat Community Events calendars. They contain the weekly triage meeting as well as other non-invite-based meetings of interest.

Shared Secrets

Habitat uses 1password for shared secrets management.

  • Have a team member invite you to 1password.
  • Setup 1password.

Project Tracking and Issue Tracking

The Habitat team performs all their development in the open to help promote and encourage a thriving and health community. The JIRA project for habitat is no longer active and should not be used.

Making Releases

Goalie Duties

  • Get added to the appropriate goalie schedule in PagerDuty (late, early)
  • Have Ian Henry or Elliott Davis make you manager of the Habitat YouTube channel so you can run triage.
  • Have any team member grant you administrator and moderator privileges on this forum.
  • Read the document describing the duties

On Call

Books & Documentation

Required Reading


Rust Resources