Issue label names & definitions


Adopted from the rust wiki.

AREA TAGS What part of the code is relevant.
A-builder Issue encountered or work involves the build system.
A-cli hab binary behaviors.
A-documentation Issue area is specifically documentation, web or otherwise. An issue involving the website or its functionality.
A-plan-build Related specifically to the code/process of building a package.
A-scaffolding Scaffolding issues or features.
A-studio Issue regards the studio and its behaviors.
A-supervisor Gossip or supervisor functionality in question.
CATEGORIZATION TAGS What type of work does the issue refer to.
C-bug The behavior in question is a bug.
C-chore Necessary work for core-maintainers that is not a bug or feature.
C-critical This issue is considered high-priority usually a bug.
C-feature New functionality or behavior.
C-release Tag used in triggering our release process.
C-RFC Issue is new/future functionality that requires maintainer discussion.
C-STABILITY A bug that is affecting the stability of the system in some way. Should be treated as critical.
EFFORT TAGS Should a contributor undertake, what is the estimated effort level.
E-easy Straightforward. Recommended for a new contributor.
E-less-easy Variable effort required; may require a mentor. Recommended starting point should be included in the issue.
E-hard Very difficult. Do not attempt without significant relevant experience and motivation.
E-hell-dive Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Extremely difficult. If you’re not on the core Habitat team, look elsewhere. If you are on the core Habitat team, clear your calendar.
E-mentored Variable effort required; Solid issue to pair on with a mentor.
LANGUAGE TAGS Pretty straightforward right? What language the work will involve.
PLATFORM TAGS Issue is in regards to specific platform.
STATUS TAGS The current status of an issue or pull request.
S-BLOCKED Work is blocked, pending the completion of some other work. When using this label, add a comment with further background information as needed.
S-needs-decision Issue is waiting on core maintainers to deliver a decision on status.
S-needs-discussion Issue requires deliberation from community and core-maintainers.
S-wont-fix Label only used on closed issues that fall outside project scope.