Can we expect reverse-dependency builds in Habitat Builder with multiple levels of dependencies?


We are finally seeing partially-working reverse-dependency builds. But aren’t sure why some aren’t working. So for public-origin/b => public-origin/c dep relationship, rebuilding public-origin/c results in a build triggering for public-origin/b, but where private-origin/a => public-origin/b => public-origin/c, rebuilding public-origin/c doesn’t result in a rebuild of private-origin/a. Why is this?


Reverse dependency builds should kick off a re-build of private-origin/a as expected. You do not need to explicitly have every dependency listed directly, as indirect dependencies are taken into account. However, for Builder, only the runtime deps are currently incorporated into the dependency graph. If the dependency of private-origin/a is via a build dep, then Builder will not kick off a build automatically. Please check to make sure the deps are runtime deps, and if the problem still occurs, please open an issue in the builder repo. Thanks!


I can confirm (as 1/2 of @smartb-pair) that multi-level reverse-dependency builds appear to be working as expected. We had somebody trouble determining this at first because it was hard to see the whole build chain at once (maybe a UI addition that would be helpful in the future?)


Having a UI for jobs would be awesome, also, if they could be shown in a tree this would be perfect, even for the CLI BTW.